Monday, September 13, 2004

A mother and her son . America and the world

*I was in the plaza the other day and I saw a young boy begging his mother to go to the toilet. The mother meerly responded with "In a minute, we are just about to go home, you'll be alright until then.". When the child realized that he wasn't going to the toilet unless he got his mother's undivided attention, which at this point seemed very unlikely. To gain his mother's attention he grabbed a nearby vase and said to her, "I will break it if you don't let me go to the toilet!", but the mother barely noticed him, so he went right ahead and broke the vase. With this the mother turned to her son and yelled at him at the top of her voice, disgracing the boy and making me think that she was a foolish woman to have disallowed her son the right to the toilet. Furthermore, she hit her son swiftly on the arm, causing him to immediately burst into tears.

**I was watching the TV the other year and I saw Iraq begging America not to come into their country saying "We don't have any weapons of mass destruction". But America just replied "We don't trust you, we are coming in whether you like it or not. Your country will survive, and it will be better off in the end". Iraq then realized, that they either make some weapons of mass destruction quickly so that they might hand them over, or tell the truth and show that they don't have any weapons mass destruction. Either way America was still going to come into their country to make sure that they have no weapons of mass destruction and still going to refuse them their right to live as THEY decide. With the way that America was treating them, they feel that they should attack America, or create some attention towards their feelings. With America's unrelenting ignorance towards the rest of the world, attacks have been waged against America's commercial world, and the societies that support that lifestyle (9/11 [we Australians, wisely put it in the order of 11/9, although America have enforced upon us their ways through calling it "9/11". Damn their oily hides!] and the "Bali Bombings"). When such events occur, the reaction from America is dramatic, the hit down upon the opposing country with full force, enough to corrupt and international disgrace. Even though it is America's fault for interfering with the accused country.

Do you see any similarities between the two paragraphs?
Make up your own mind on what you think... but actually think about it, do not just conform to America's thought patterns and America's sheepish ways.

* None of the events mentioned in this paragraph actually occurred, but if they did it is merely coincidentally.

** No quotations are actual "quotes" in this paragraph.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

America, the drugged up nation...

Americans seem drugged on war, I was watching a documentary (although I was often interrupted by my mother and sister who wanted to watch the political opinions of the war) and I realized that a majority of Americans listen to what they considered "unpopular"/"unpleasant" music... Punk.

What these Americans didn't realize was that by listening to this genre of music the were popularizing it... making it into something other than what it is... beautifying it.

I hate the way that people say that they listen to music because it isn't mainstream... if you listen to music for that reason... and that reason alone, it becomes pointless. All that you want is to become popular through the "non-mainstream" music.

but I digress...

The documentary wasn't all about music, although it was a focus of it... the real situation of the documentary was the war in Iraq. The Americans in Iraq are not happy... they are not smiling, they are not content... all that they want is to go home to their families... SMELLFISHLY.

I heard one of the Americans complaining about the amount of money that America has been pouring into Iraq, and yet all he wanted was for America, the richest country in the world, to keep it's money to "fix up" America. He did not care about the mess that America had made of Iraq... All that this SMELLFISH soldier wanted was to get home to his precious wife and children. All the while he was supporting America, the greatest and unrecognized manufacturer of weapons in the world.

If it weren't obvious already, I think that generally Americans are SMELLFISH.
I also think that ALL generalizations are false.

I wish upon you the ability to express yourselves in the from of free speech on this site. Criticize, dramatise and neutralize if you want.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering what SMELLFISHLY means, it means SELFISHLY.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11th, the day the world changed forever

I have heard a lot of crap about the events of September 11, 2001. Everyone seems content to quake with fear at the prospect of an "international Disaster" like the events that took place on September 11 happening again.

  • The total death toll for the events of September 11 is 3,212.

    Is this a significant loss of life? To my recollection there have been greater losses of life in floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Why then, did they kick up such a fuss about this miniscule loss of life? America have caused even greater deaths in the past.

  • There were 58,226 American deaths in the Vietnam War.
  • There were over 1.5 million Vietnamese deaths in the same war.
    Oh yeah, and let's not forget Australia;
  • Out of the 47,000 troops sent over to fight along with the American soldiers, 500 died.

    Casualties of War - Putting American Casualties in Perspective
    by Geoff Price November 3, 2003

    Therefore, I am confused as to why the Americans continue to kick up such a great fuss when they have been the invaders before and killed many more people than those that were killed on September 11.

    Furthermore, they have pushed themselves into a war against "terrorism". A war that is bound to continue for the rest of eternity, if they truly are killing "terrorists". America is the true terrorist nation, they strike fear into the hearts and lives of many more innocent people than a singular attack on the world trade center did.

    Time for criticism and comments...